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September 24th, 2009

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05:41 pm - Looking for new pets
Mmmh let me introduce myself...

Status: Dominant, looking for new pets

Skills: Photographer, writer,I have a wild imagination and I know what I want and how I want it. Each experience, each pet brings out a different side of me so I'd say my skills depend on my slaves.

Skills Required: A very active, submissive and obedient boy who wishes to have an online relationship with an open minded mistress wishing to test her (and his) boundaries. Must be very descriptive and he has to like role play.

BDSM Interests: leashes, domination, leather, bites, collars, fantasy/medieval/military role play, emails, assignments, spankings or penetration.

Personal Info: Italian, graduated, in a long term relationship with a bf who doesn't know about this and who just cannot be a slave. That's why I'd like to keep it online. I'm a writer and photographer, especially focussing on dark/goth themes.

Physical Info: 5'3'', long, black hair, green eyes, full rosy lips, I do a lot of sport and yet pay attention not to work out too much because I like my female curves.

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